Presenting SS City a gated community spread on lavish green of acres which will offer limited plots wherein only a few can afford to be a part of green township where idyllic, luxurious living meets 21st century amenities.

SS City offers premium plots luxury independent villas, villaments and commercial spaces well connected to the key points of NCR and is designed to offer high quality, peaceful and tranquil living experience.

Imagine a city that will give you an ideal life; a city that will live up to its promises every single day. SS Group is on its way to create this haven called SS City. This dream city will be all about less talk and more action. It will be designed to accommodate some of the best hospitals, just so you get medical help anytime. Security services will make sure every hour is safe, with 24 hour CCTV Surveillance. Big Parking spaces will make sure vehicular movement will kept to the minimum, which will make roads truly a pleasure to walk on. In short, SS City will not just be a city. It will be a role model city.


Gated Community There will be CCTV cameras watching over every corner of the city. So you can relax while your little ones go out playing. And when you feel like a stroll, don't think just step out.
Spacious Parking Areas:
Reserved Parking and Wide Roads
Say good bye to all your anxieties. Because at SS City, wide roads and reserved parking spaces will ensure that each car enjoys its personal space. .
Common Area Lights:
LED lights in common area & Solar Street lights
Whether it's a walk at 5 in the morning or 8 in the night, you can step out without a care. Because SS City will ensure that every corner is brightly lit up with energy and money saving solar street lights.
24X7 Medical Care:
Emergency services at your door step.
The city will have a provision for a hospital, just to ensure that residents get access to medical care and emergency services, anytime.
Aqua Friendly Environment SS City will be equipped with pro-environment facilities like rainwater harvesting, recycled water for horticulture and many more eco – conscious innovations to create a greener tomorrow for its residents.
Clean and Green:
Waste Management Systems, Recycled Dustbins, and Efficient Garbage Disposal System<
At SS City, garbage strewn streets will be a thing of the past. The efficient waste management system will sweep the roads clean by installing recycled dustbins and a super effective garbage disposal system.

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